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    The SysLite’s robust build and shock-resistant body is easy to carry and designed to perform when you need it most. Updated with higher-performing LEDS to emit 50% more light with the same power consumption. 20% longer runtimes with a higher capacity internal battery, improved color temperature (5,000 Kelvin), and integrated emergency lighting function. Can be used with external Festool batteries or plugged directly into a power source.
    Also available without the magnetic SysLite adapter.
    Includes: integrated lithium-ion battery 7.2 V; car charger adapter; 110 V adapter; SYSLITE KAL-2 Worklamp Set adaptor; transport bag in self-service display pack
    Strengths: Portable and durable: Designed to go where your work takes you whether under a cabinet or into an attic. A multi-angle body casts light where you need it most, while the tripod port and swiveling hook
    170ø Dispersion: Cast a broad and even light for the most natural lighting effect to examine a surface for imperfections, or illuminate a tight workspace without a harsh, blinding glare.
    High quality light: The SysLite delivers an even, balanced light source, casting a brilliant and consistent white light (5,000 Kelvin).
    Lumen value 1st/2nd stage 310/769 lm
    Lumen value 1st/2nd stage 310/769 lm
    Li-ion battery capacity 2.9 Ah
    Li-ion charging time 200 min
    Operation with external Festool battery packs 10.8 – 18 V
    Permissible operating temperature range 23 – 131 øF (-5/+ 55 øC)
    Hook opening 1-1/2″ (40 mm)
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 3″ (80 mm) x 4″ (100 mm) x 6″ (150 mm)
    Weight (without battery pack) 1.543 lbs (0.7 kg)

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